Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them



1.1      Faith 

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Worldwide, there is a revival taking place in the belief in the Christian God

1.2      Family unit   

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Research demonstrates the importance of family for numerous areas of our well-being and that of our children throughout their lives.
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Statistics have proven that children brought up in a one-parent family are 30% more likely not to prosper in life compared to children from families with a father and mother       

1.3      The Institution of Marriage        

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In 2023, approximately 50% of first-time marriages in the USA will end in divorce.
Subsequent marriages have an even higher chance of ending up in divorce, with 60% and 73% of second and third marriages respectively, ending up in divorce.
A total of 57% of couples who did not cohabitate prior to marriage had a union that lasted 20 or more years, compared with just 46% who lived together before marrying.

1.4      The Role of Husband and Wife    

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Both husbands and wives have distinct roles in a marriage, however, a husband walks hand in hand with his equally strong wife. This is the key to a successful marriage in today’s times.

1.5      The Children     

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The birth rate in the West is collapsing. A replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman is required to maintain a stable population. In the USA in 2020, the rate was 1.78.

Due to the artificially contrived falling birthrate, Governments are being pressured by Big Business to allow immigrants into their countries to fill the employment gap. Mostly, these immigrants are poor and accept low wages. They rely on government handouts and will therefore vote for any government that gives these, while wishing to promote dependency for control purposes

1.6      Basis of a Free Society     

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Just 18% of USA households are ‘nuclear families’ with a married couple and children, down from 40% since 1970s and the lowest since 1959.