Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


4.1 Political Power and Conflict              

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Politics is defined as any interaction among individuals, groups, or institutions that seek to arrive at a decision about how to make a collective choice, or to solve some shared problem.

4.2 The Political Right vs the Political Left           

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The leftist political parties employ strategies that attract more people to depend on the government, including immigrants and the youth, as they can more readily be deceived and manipulated. Political parties employ strategies that support the existing Banks and Wall Street, in what is a form of fascism.

4.3 Corruption of Society                 

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In a corrupt society, government officials and those in positions of power are more likely to use their authority for personal gain rather than for the public good. This can lead to widespread mistrust of government and institutions and a declining rule of law. Corruption also hurts economic development.