Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


10.1 Big Business                     

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Big business discourages small local businesses and produces monopolies.

10.2 Bid Tech                    

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Recently, it has been revealed in Congress, that Facebook fact checkers are bogus and follow their own biased views and the views of their organizations. After Elon Musk took over Twitter (now renamed “X”), he published batches of internal Twitter e-mails that proved that the incumbent political party had put pressure on the management of Twitter to de-platform political opponents.

10.3 Big Media                    

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In the USA, the mainstream media is now controlled by only six large media organizations because traditional print media companies have been decimated by the advent of online news. These few mainstream media companies are easily controlled by the Elites in the CIA the FBI and the government, that now provides them with financial support.

10.4 Big Entertainment           

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Many films, nowadays, use Jesus Christ’s name as an expletive and push content with mixed race relationships and non-heterosexual behavior, for us to subconsciously accept.

10.5 Big Pharma              

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An example of Big Pharma’s power is their ability to influence governments, in insisting that their people use only drugs that have been approved by the institutions that they control. The UK’s Prime minister has recently been accused of investing a large amount of money in the pharmaceutical company that produced the Covid 19 vaccination, he then recommended.

10.6 Big Agri               

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Currently, over 90 percent of corn, cotton, and soybean acreage in the United States is planted with genetically modified seeds.

10.7 Big Food                  

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USA healthy food guidelines have changed over the years to recommend foods that have resulted in 42% of Americans being obese in 2018 and another 32% being overweight. These guidelines were developed under the influence of lobbying by Big Food companies.

10.8 Associations and Unions         

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The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) has investigated and prosecuted union leaders for embezzling more than $100 million in union dues since 2001.

10.9 Stock Exchanges             

Did You Know?
Only 10% of the population in the USA today own stocks on Wall Street. This statistic is also reflected worldwide and as a result, income inequality continues to rise. This will eventually lead to civil unrest and violence. Precisely what the Elites want.