Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


12.1 Government Health Services              

Did You Know?
A prominent London cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra, says over-medication is a major problem. He says, “The fact that prescription drugs are the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer should make us wake up.”

12.2 Vaccination and Treatments            

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In the USA alone, there are over 160 000 abortions performed per year and these deaths are precisely what Satan wants: Human life is expendable. Vaccines that are developed from the cell lines of aborted fetal tissue include:

1. Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine, the rubella component
2. Chickenpox, also called varicella vaccine
3. Hepatitis A
4. The Imovax® vaccine for rabies
5. Janssen vaccine for COVID-19.

12.3 The Opiate Drug Crisis          

Did You Know?
Since 2000, there has been 400,000 opioid-involved deaths in the U.S. contributing to an historic decline in US life expectancy. Between December 2019, and December 2020—the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic in the USA—more than 93 000 Americans died from drug overdoses, up 29.4% over the previous 12 months.