Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


15.1 Fear               

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Michael Crichton, in his book ‘State of Fear’, said, “Social control is best managed through fear.”

15.2 Fear of War                         

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According to social researchers, fear plays a crucial role in the escalation of conflicts. Fear of losing power and control over a situation can trigger violent actions in us that, in turn, can lead to ethnic wars or genocides. Fear, also serves as a means of mobilization, inducing individuals to participate in war or fight with enemies who have been demonized in the public discourse and who constitute potential or imaginary threats to a nation, ethnic group, or community.

15.3 Fear of Technology                   

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Technophobia is the intense fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices; especially computers. Technophobia is surprisingly common. Some experts believe that we all experience at least a small amount of nervousness when confronted with new

15.4 Fear of Pandemics                 

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Scientists warn that the threat posed by ‘zoonoses’—infectious diseases that jump from animals to humans—is on the rise. And the risk of a new pandemic is higher now than ever before.

15.5 Fear of Climate Change                 

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The narrative propagated by the United Nations, that climate change is overwhelmingly caused by mankind, is increasingly being challenged. Research has revealed that more than 90% of detecting thermometers in the world, are positioned in inappropriate places. 96% being in parking lots, on buildings, against brick walls, or in other artificial environments where the bricks, asphalt, and other human construction materials used in these environments, artificially trap heat, leading to a “warming bias” in the collected data.

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Nuclear and coal-fired power stations were declared ‘un-green’ and were being closed down until the ‘energy crisis’ in 2022, when they suddenly became ‘green’ again.

15.6 Fear of Population Growth       

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The majority of countries now have birth rates lower than the replacement rate. Some countries are substantially below this rate. This poses a long-term existential threat to many nations.

15.7 Fear if AI                   

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AI will never replace humans, as it will never have a soul and demonstrate true empathy. We must not be discouraged and must always rely on truth to set us free.

15.8 Fear of Aliens                  

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The US Government has recently held hearings on UFO and UAP ‘sightings’ to desensitize people into believing in the existence of Aliens.