Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


8.1 Conflict and War                 

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In World War II, the USA lost 292 00 dead and the Soviet Union approximately 27 million people dead, including 19 million civilians.

8.2 Promulgated Lies                 

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An exploiter often uses feelings like guilt and shame against you, to coax you into giving them what they want.

8.3 Wokeness and Cancel Culture                  

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Woke individuals are also controlling what we think by using obtuse language and new words to deceive us. An example of this is the use of the words ‘Diversity’ and ‘Equity’.

8.4 Racism             

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Historically, the relationship between culture and race has been a source of debate. Although it was originally believed that race differed from culture in that race was biological construct, findings from research have challenged the view that race is genetically determined

8.5 Purpose Driven Advertising                  

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Bud Light, the popular beer company, suffered $395 in lost sales, after they promoted transgenderism.

8.6 Identity Politics                 

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Identity politics, originated from the need to reshape movements that had until then prioritized the monotony of sameness over the strategic value of difference.

8.7 Sexual diversity—not two sexes         

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Those who promote gender diversity state that there are more than 60 different genders.