Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


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In a time when there is unrest, insecurity and political instability on a global scale, more than ever we need to know the difference between the truth and the lie. It is only then that we can restructure and rebuild. This book has clear pointers to this.
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What an eye-opener. Adrian captured the financial issues of the day in a briliant way so that it is easily understood. This book is not a book stating the problem, but it gives you a working solution
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In this pivotal moment, unity among believers is paramount, given the Satan’s intensified efforts to dismantle the bride of Christ. The accessibility of education through tools like the internet and this book allows the broader community to gain insight into the true nature of ongoing challenges, equipping them to navigate the pitfalls set by the enemy. This book serves as a valuable resource, offering both profound insights and practical solutions for effectively combating the enemy.

I must congratulate you on the effort you have put in Adrian. It gives a very good idea of what is wrong in the world and how to fix it.

I agree with various aspects of the book relative to those who are in, or would like to be in, power. Sadly that is a trait that can be found all around the world. You point the finger at the USA as a stronghold of Satan and, having lived and worked amongst Americans for ten years of my life, I found them to be a really strange bunch. The book should sell well in the USA.

Adrian Michie’s “Our Heads in the Sand” is both a mirror and a map. It reflects the realities of our times and offers a guide out of the labyrinth of manipulation we have unwittingly become accustomed to. For those seeking to equip themselves with the knowledge to navigate the complex webs of power that shape our existence, this book is a must-read. It does not promise an easy journey, but it offers a viable path toward enlightenment and empowerment.

In an era where misinformation and manipulation swim in the undercurrents of our daily lives, Adrian Michie’s “Our Heads in the Sand” emerges as a clarion call to consciousness. The book is not merely a catalogue of grievances against the opaque mechanisms of control but is a masterclass in the description of the anatomy of power dynamics as they are woven into the fabric of society.

Michie invites the reader on a journey into the depths of human behavior and social constructs, meticulously dissecting twenty methods of control that operate behind the scenes. From leveraging cognitive biases to gaslighting, from media spin to obfuscation of financial truths, the book paints a comprehensive picture of the hidden levers pulled by both unseen puppet masters and our neighbors alike.

When the world is no longer Godly and is controlled by a few Elite families and secret societies, we need to find ways and means to overcome. This book covers our concerns and how to overcome these challenges and addresses them in an effective non-violent or political manner. How we should approach such issues without the fear of change.

This book provides us with a fluid overview and guidance on how to deal with the socioeconomic status of our generation in providing a clear understanding of the role and importance of Bitcoin and how we can all be economically empowered and emancipated from the old age norm of currencies.

This is a marvelous read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new way of thinking out of the box, without being influenced by the system. Wisdom and knowledge is essential in understanding the old ways and how we can make use of the new tools and technologies at our disposal to further improve and advance our growth as individuals. This book is an important guide to that journey of success.
Wandile Zwane

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