Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them

The Books Purpose and Objective - Continued

In the face of adversity, there is a powerful shift that occurs within us. It is said that when we acknowledge being engaged in a battle with an enemy, we awaken to a heightened sense of awareness, prompting us to become resolute, vigilant, and driven to conquer. We, therefore, must understand what is going on. We need to understand who our enemy is in order for us to consider the counter steps we can take to better plan for our future. We must rise to the task of the age, to counter the evil in this world; and to do this, we must ‘peel the onion’ of our understanding.

People nowadays use the term “evil” to describe the opposite of “good”. They mostly apply the word “good” to the pleasant things in life that they personally experience. The word “evil” is used to describe things in the world that are bad for the human race.

However, what does evil really mean?

Evil is that which is contrary to the will of God and an attitude of malice that causes us harm through deception and the undermining of our moral values. Evil continually works at creating and deepening a divide between God and man.

This book aims to highlight fundamental reasons why the questions posed above should be asked, and attempts to expose the influence of true evil in this world. It also aims to enlighten and empower you with truth in countering the lies and deception to which you and I are being subjected.

Are you aware of the basic reason for the hidden influences that are operating in all spheres of our lives, and that are consequently controlling us?

Nowadays, truth is often described as a “perception in our minds”; that there is no such thing as “the truth”. However, if this were the case it would lead to chaos, destruction and a total breakdown of society.

We all seek the truth, but in this search, we can be influenced subtly, yet deliberately. When we choose the lie for the truth, our beliefs are thus formed and they become a foundation in our lives. This is known as our “worldview”.

Our worldview is formed and reformed throughout our lives. Because the human brain is not adept at assimilating a broad picture of reality, it contains biases that are influenced by our perceptions and these perceptions can and are being constantly manipulated and controlled.

By engaging with the contents of this book, it is my sincere hope that you will embark on a personal journey of self-reflection, leading to a reassessment of your perceptions and beliefs. Together, let us remain open to the possibility of change, embracing new perspectives where they may be needed.

In his book The Price of Tomorrow Jeff Booth says:

Many people would rather ignore the evil that rules this world. As long as they are not personally affected, they prefer to ‘get on with their lives’ and turn a blind eye. They are effectively sleepwalking into disaster and may well wake up too late.

Robert F Kennedy Jr says “It is difficult for some people to question the vaccines because it threatens their ego and their entire worldview.”

Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

It is easier to change our belief in one thing at a time, than a whole structure of beliefs built up over a lifetime of indoctrination. However, it is essential that we review this mindset.

It is often said that we let go of a lie, one step at a time. Connect the dots.

We are not victims. We must communicate, advocate, and educate.

We must question everything.

By exposing the 20 METHODS OF CONTROL this Book 1 is designed to help you do just that.

The Elites

Pride and greed can easily corrupt. This is why these traits are the prime weaknesses used to control this small group of people who are targeted by Satan to exploit their love of money.

Who are these Elites? They are people who have either inherited money or have accumulated large sums through business or Government and who are directed to seek power by its use.

Power can be simply defined as “the possession of control, authority, or influence over others”.

These people are led to gravitate to head Government, national and international organizations, secret societies, politics, big business, the military, religious bodies, universities, and other academia, to name a few.

Though the Elites are a minority (less than 1% of the population), the hierarchical nature of our society allows them to exercise tremendous power and control.

They network together to support each other in achieving control by deception; either knowingly or unknowingly controlled by Satan because of their pride and greed for money.

The Elites have developed a monetary system that involves the banks and the government. This system is based on debt. Access to and dependence on debt is a very powerful method the Elites use to control mankind. This is mainly done by keeping us ignorant of the way that the monetary system really works.

The United States of America (USA)

Satan always attempts to control Elites at the top of organizations and powerful institutions and Governments. This has profoundly affected the nations that have a major influence in the world.

For the last seventy-five years, the USA has been the major influencer of society worldwide and Satan has molded this country into being the leading exponent of his METHODS OF CONTROL used to deceive and control us. Because of this, this book points to the USA as the example of the deceptive METHODS OF CONTROL used. However, they fundamentally occur in every nation on Earth.

Greed for Money: The Common Thread

The Elite’s power to control us is obtained through their—and our own—greed for money.

When one wants to expose deception and exploitation, there is one way of getting to the bottom of the deception:

Follow the money!

Money is the common thread behind all the twenty METHODS OF CONTROL that are being used to deceive and control us as outlined in chapter 5 of this book.