Our heads in the Sand

20 Methods of control and how we can counter them


The Conundrum
The Book’s Purpose and Objective
The Elites
The United States of America (USA)
Greed for Money—The Common Thread

The Conundrum

Have you ever wondered why we witness so much suffering in this world and in our own lives? Many of us question why so many seemingly random events occur that appear to be surprisingly similar throughout the world. Many of these events are controlled by politicians, who do things that don’t seem logical at all.
In addition, the media tries to explain and capitalize on these events, but always seem to address the symptoms and not the causes. They seem to avoid the really hard questions.
Lately, there has been increased regulation and control of our lives and this reduces our freedoms, and in particular, our freedom of choice.
When exploring this subject, it is important to recognize that the media often presents a multitude of perspectives. You may encounter various opinions from different sources, including the voices of pundits on television. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that relying solely on these sources may lead to an incomplete understanding, leaving room for personal speculation and conjecture.
The complexities inherent in our lives defy simple explanations, and it may seem challenging to grasp the full extent of our predicament. Nonetheless, by seeking diverse sources of information, engaging in critical thinking, and approaching the subject with an open mind, we can strive to attain a more comprehensive understanding of our circumstances.
Having experienced this through seventy-seven years of my life and having heard and read many sub-optimal explanations, I have concluded that we are experiencing the symptoms and not the cause. That there is only one predominant explanation, and that is this; that mankind is being systematically manipulated by a small-yet-powerful group of corrupt people. This is in no way a conspiracy theory; it is indeed a conspiracy fact.
For your benefit and for the brevity of this book, I use a single term to describe this group of corrupted people who attempt to deceive and control us, and this word is: the Elite.
The definition of the word Elite is:
“…a group or class of people, seen as having the most power and influence in a society, especially on account of their wealth or privilege.”
The political Elite are also often called the “Ruling Class” and they demonstrate a “Will to Power”.
Of course, not all people who are considered Elite have been corrupted; however, many are, and it is these people that I refer to.
These people are in fact being influenced and manipulated by a force greater than themselves and this force is evil and based upon greed and the love of money.
Most of us have heard the phrase, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” and I have found that this is true and is the common thread that enables the 20 methods of controlling us, as described in this book, to be carried out.
There is a reason why we were not taught in school or university how the monetary system works. For if we had been, we would have questioned many things in our lives. This book therefore highlights this subject before going on to describe its nefarious uses.
In order to fully grasp the insights offered by this book, the reader may find that it challenges existing thinking and worldviews. However, change always presents a challenge, and on a personal level this might not be comfortable or familiar to the reader. However, embracing the potential discomfort that comes with altering one’s perspectives can pave the way for profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of the subject matter at hand. Our worldview is a collection of convictions that we develop about our views on ethics, politics, science, theology, philosophy, psychology, economics, ecology, morals, law and a host of other areas of contemporary thought.
The content of this book, and its affiliated websites, present a journey to expose some methods used to deceive and control us and the underlying reasons behind the unsettling state of the world. Exploring the intricate web of deception and manipulation, we uncover how we have been led astray by entities intent on shaping our beliefs and perspectives.
Part 1 explains the twenty dominant spheres of our lives in which this happens, and how the Elites are able to achieve this through the use of money. Part 2 goes on to explain how these Elites in turn are controlled by a force greater than themselves and how this chokehold can be broken to release us from manipulation and control by forming a new personal worldview that can lead us to support a new way forward.